Our staff with over 20 years experience have seen and used many products over the years.

It is for this reason we made a business decision to go with Organic Products, because you the client are our priority.

We continually scour the planet, looking for the best products available. Products we use, include active ingredients found in distant lands such as Australia. These native ingredients not only nourish your hair, but also protect and deliver many other benefits without using harsh chemicals.

Chemicals such as:
– Paraphenylenediamine (PPD)
– Resorcinol
– Phthalates
– Sulfates
– Parabans
– Propylene Glycol
– M.I.T.,
– Triciosan
– Ammonia
not only can damage your hair, they also can affect your health. They are included in many hair products such as colours, shampoos, conditioners even hair gel.

Know one thing when you visit Sol Beauty Salon, with the products we select, we have your interests at heart.